Mousotron 12.1

Measures the mouse and keyboard usage and keeps statistics of your mileage
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Mousotron 5.0 is the latest released version of this freeware utility for Windows. It provides a measuring method for us to know how much we use our mouse and keyboard. It gives detailed measurements in miles, yards, inch, keystrokes, left button, right button, double clicks, cursor distance, cursor speed, mouse wheel scrolls, running time, etc. It works with both English and metric measurement systems. It is possible to upload and compare our strokes with other users online in the high-score table provided. It provides a multi-language interface supporting the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, and German. There are several options we can customize to our preferences, such as Monitor Measure, Units, Orientation, Digits, Language, Transparent, Background Color, Resolution, Always on Top, and Run on Startup. We are allowed to view and save our distance history. There are tabs for Time Logging, Data Upload, General, and Displayed Items. We can download this program free of charge directly from the developer’s website. Novice users can download, install, and make it run quite easily. It is rather small in size, which makes it available to people with low internet connection.

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  • Simple yet useful tool
  • Can help us prevent injuries
  • Multi-language
  • Free


  • None
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